Parent Support

There is no doubt that parenting is one of the greatest blessings, with so many joys, but it can come with its challenges at times! No one gives us a rule book on how to parent well, and no one child is the same!

We work with parents to help in a number of areas, which may include:

  • understanding and managing their child’s behaviour
  • managing their own mental health challenges, including anxiety, grief, or emotional regulation
  • dealing with separation and change in family dynamics
  • supporting parents to navigate transition periods
  • managing stress

Parents may access individual information and guidance through one of our trained Psychologists, or they may engage the services of our team to engage in their own therapy as needed. Parents may also access our group programs for educational topics and/or support groups.

Looking to Join our Community?

The bloom community is a place for parents and the wider community to learn, share and support one another.