Online Therapy Sessions (Telehealth)

In addition to our in-clinic services, we also provide online therapy options. This is a convenient option for some families, allowing them to connect with their therapist from wherever they are. Some families choose to do a combination of in-person and online therapy.

The use of video sessions have a strong evidence base in terms of outcomes, and can be critical for continuing the therapeutic relationship, consistency, and in working on goals.

Below are a few of the most commonly received questions in regards to our Telehealth sessions. If you or your child are requiring assistance, please contact us.

We work with children in the context of those who know them best, including parents, caregivers and teachers.

FAQs about Online Therapy

Our online sessions are conducted via a secure platform called ‘Zoom’. Zoom can be accessed on iPads, laptops and desktop computers. iPhones can be used however, we don’t recommend this due to the size of the screen. Once you have decided which device you are going to use you will need to download the appropriate software.

For a handheld device, you can download the Zoom app from your app store. Software for a desktop or laptop can be downloaded here.

You do not need to create an account to use Zoom. Prior to your appointment your treating psychologist will email you a meeting link. At your designated appointment time, just click the link and away you go!

We ask that parents ensure their child has access to a quiet and confidential space within the home with minimal distractions. This will help children to feel comfortable talking to their psychologist, without worrying that someone may overhear them. Your child may also wish to use headphones as a way of creating a more private environment. Online sessions will not be recorded by our practitioners, and are not to be recorded by families without explicit consent from their treating practitioner.​

You are not alone! Many parents have initially expressed that they felt nervous about the move from face to face sessions to video and that their child may not engage. So far, the feedback we have had from numerous families is that it was better than they expected and that their child really enjoyed and was engaged in their session. In some instances, particularly for those children that may be quite anxious it was useful for them to bring something special to the session to show their practitioner.

In some circumstances and depending on the age of your child, it may be beneficial for a parent to remain present throughout the session. Please discuss this with your treating practitioner.

We understand and appreciate that there may be some children, who for various reasons are unable to engage in online therapy. As an alternative to child sessions, our practitioners can conduct parent sessions and it is a great way to stay connected and continue psychological support.

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