Child Psychology & Counselling

Child Psychology & Counselling

Our highly-trained and experienced team of psychologists work with children to build on strengths and address a range of areas of need, including:

  •  anxiety
  • depression
  • emotional regulation
  • grief and loss
  • social difficulties
  • bullying
  • self-esteem and confidence
  • family functioning
  • challenging behaviours

We work with children in the context of those who know them best, including parents, caregivers and teachers.

How Bloom Psychology Can Help

While individual therapy sessions can address some difficult or concerning behaviours, we know how important it is for your child to enjoy seeing a Psychologist, and to have fun! Our primary goal is to know your child, to understand their strengths, and to determine the reasons for any challenges that they may experience. We provide practical and useful strategies to support them.

Sessions are available in-clinic or via Telehealth, as well as a range of groups that are designed for children to develop skills, increase their social skills, make friends, and gain confidence.

Looking to Join our Community?

The bloom community is a place for parents and the wider community to learn, share and support one another.