Welcome to Bloom Community

A place for parents and the wider community to learn, share and support one another.

About Bloom Community

Welcome to Bloom Community – a place for parents and the wider community to learn, share and support one another.

Bloom Community was created with the knowledge that information and shared experiences are powerful tools, and can help people in ways that individual therapy alone may not. Here, we extend the traditional service offerings of individual therapy, to provide a range of additional services. We offer groups for children, adolescents, and parents, as well as education programs and seminars for parents and educators.

Juliette Spearman | Bloom Psychology

Juliette Spearman

Educational and Developmental Psychologist

Juliette has experience supporting young people as a school psychologist, and in private practice both in Australia and overseas. She enjoys guiding young people and their families to utilise their strengths, remove barriers and learn new skills so that they can reach their potential. Juliette has worked extensively in multidisciplinary teams, and sees value in collaborating with other professionals to achieve the best outcomes for clients. She works closely with parents and carers to support positive and reflective parenting.

Juliette has experience with a wide range of presenting difficulties, such as anxiety, social and emotional skill deficits, behaviour difficulties, learning difficulties and developmental disorders. Juliette takes a client-centred approach and seeks to establish a strong rapport with young people as the basis for therapeutic outcomes. Juliette utilises a range of evidence-based approaches to support her work with young people based on their individual characteristics and presenting issues, such as cognitive behaviour therapy, positive psychology, mindfulness and Collaborative and Proactive Solutions.

Juliette also provides comprehensive cognitive, educational and behavioural assessments to determine a young person’s strengths and weaknesses to guide intervention planning and classroom strategies. Juliette is able to communicate these results in a manner that is accessible and useful for parents, school staff and the young person.

Juliette is a registered supervisor and enjoys supporting provisional psychologists on placements to guide their education and development.

Outside of work Juliette enjoys being active, going to dress-up parties and is an animal enthusiast!

Tori Etherington | Bloom Psychology

Tori Etherington


Tori is a fully registered Psychologist (MAPS) who studied
Bachelor of Arts (Psychology- Honours) at the University of Melbourne, followed by a Masters of Educational and Developmental Psychology at Monash. She works as a school psychologist and in private practice, working with children and adolescents in one-
on-one and group settings.

Tori works from a child-centred approach, building on existing skills of the child and family to work towards positive outcomes.

Tori’s training in educational and developmental psychology, coupled with her experience in school psychology allows her to treat a broad spectrum of concerns. Tori also offers comprehensive cognitive and educational assessments. Her special interests include Autism Spectrum Disorder, anxiety, social and emotional development, and resilience. Tori employs a range of therapeutic approaches, including CBT, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and strengths-based approaches.

Tori works with children and adolescents to develop warm and supportive relationships, based on understanding and mutual respect. Tori aims to empower children and their families by collaboratively developing a range of practical strategies, in an engaging, creative and age-appropriate manner.

Tori owns two goldfish called Frankie and Raymond, but desperately wants a puppy! Has a weakness for Nutella and Kikki-k stationary. She is a long suffering supporter of the Melbourne Demons and also supports Melbourne City FC- she can even explain the offside rule!

Child Group Programs

Currently, the following child group programs are available:

  • Managing anxiety for 8-11 year olds
  • Understanding neurodiversity and building social connections through interest-based engagement for 5-7 and 8-11 year old Neurodivergent youth
  • Transition to Primary School

Stay up-to-date with further programs as they are released!

We have the following parent group programs available:

Tuning Into Kids™

Tuning in to Kids® is a suite of parenting programs that focus on the emotional connection between parents/carers and their children, from pre-schoolers to teens. The evidence-based programs have proven success in improving parenting, parent-child relationships and children’s emotional competence and behaviour.

  • Helping your Child with Anxiety
  • After Diagnosis, What Now?
  • Understanding Your Autistic Child

Adolescent Group Programs

Currently, the following adolescent group programs are available:

  • Understanding neurodiversity and building social connections for 12-15 year old Neurodivergent youth
  • Transition to Secondary School

Adolescent Group Programs

Stay up-to-date with further programs as they are released!

Parent Group Programs

Neurodiversity Training for Parents

These small-group training sessions for parents aim to increase understanding of how their neurodivergent child experiences the world around them, and what parenting approaches and environmental accommodations can assist their child to meet their fullest potential. Grounded in an affirmative approach, sessions will provide up-to-date information and resources along with a chance to ask questions and learn from others’ experiences.

School Holiday Programs

What’s on Offer

Each school holidays, Bloom offers school holiday programs for children aged between 5-7, and 8-11. These programs are tailored to children’s interests to ensure that they have a great time, with previous themes including arts & crafts, Harry Potter, scavenger hunts, and making sensory toys. We change up the themes each school holidays to keep things interesting!

Training and Workshops

Professional Development for Educators

  • School-based professional development sessions targeting a range a topic’s which may include Autism, ADHD, anxiety, transition, behavioural difficulties, attentional difficulties and supporting children with diverse learning needs.
  • Programs can be tailored to suit the needs of the educational setting.